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Acupuncture for Hypertension

Treat High Blood Pressure and Hypertension with Acupuncture

Hypertension (also known as high blood pressure) is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high.  If the high pressure from blood flow through the arteries is not reduced and is left untreated over a long period of time, it could cause a wide range of severe medical conditions such as:

·         Heart Murmurs

·         Heart Palpitations

·         Damage to the heart and coronary arteries

·         Congestive Heart failure

·         Stroke

·         Heart Attack

·         Damage to Organs

Because of this, high blood pressure should not be taken lightly and should be treated immediately.

While there are many prescription medications that can treat high blood pressure, none of these are symptom free.  It is not unlikely that you use (or someone close to you uses) some of these blood pressure medications and know firsthand how frustrating their side effects can often be. Diuretics can cause increased urination, beta blockers can cause asthma symptoms, calcium channel blockers can cause dizziness, renin inhibitors can cause heartburn, and all other medications on the market today can cause some sort of side effect.  However, acupuncture does not.

Acupuncture is a scientifically proven therapy that reduces high blood pressure and hypertension without any negative side effects.  By placing very fine, painless needles into acupuncture points throughout the body, acupuncture therapy is able to regulate blood flow throughout the body and ultimately reduce the negative effects of blood pressure.  Taking part in acupuncture therapy regularly is a much more natural way to regulate your blood pressure than taking medication – and dealing with the annoying or even painful side-effects of it – for the remainder of your life.

If you would like to learn more about how acupuncture can treat high blood pressure, contact us today at 732-800-0006.  We will be happy to show you the benefits of utilizing acupuncture therapy to lower your blood pressure.

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We thank and appreciate all our clients.
What a great office.Staff is amazing and the care given by Dr. Mike and Jeremy is wonderful. Thanks for getting me back in alignment with qi flowing through all those meridians!
Mary Jane Kasliner - 31 Jan 2014