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Allergies | Acupuncturist


An allergy is a condition in which the immune system reacts abnormally to a foreign substance. Unfortunately, around springtime many of our bodies consider pollen to be a foreign substance so seasonal allergies tend to be a rather unwanted common illness. However, some individuals are affected by allergies to the point where the condition becomes chronic. In Chinese Medicine, people with chronic allergies, as well as seasonal allergies, often show signs of spleen or kidney deficiencies as well as lung problems. There are many specific acupuncture points that can help alleviate seasonal allergies. By implementing acupuncture, the body begins to control the inflammation associated with seasonal allergies and thus there is a mitigation of the symptoms and a reversal of the root cause. One is located on the left leg and it is referred to as Spleen 9. This is a very common acupuncture point to treat allergies because it helps regulate the spleen in order to increase the transformation of dampness. Excessive dampness in the body can result in the formation of phlegm, which we all know is much too common during allergy season. The practitioner will address these imbalances by creating an effective treatment plan that includes proper nutrition and herbal supplements as well as acupuncture.

At the forefront of Chinese medicine is the importance of nutrition and digestion. It is believed that the root of all well being comes from properly fueling your body; yet it is fairly easy to weaken the digestive system. The organ network responsible for the processing of food and nutrients includes the stomach, spleen, pancreas and small intestine. The digestive system can be weakened through an excessive intake of food or poor nutrition and this can interfere with the rhythmic cycles of the intestines. This can lead to a reduced absorption of nutrients, excessive gas, stomach pains, and the stagnation of food. Discomfort can become very common should these problems persist. Food allergies can become a consequence of these effects and they can be associated with chronic fatigue and headaches as well as other symptoms. Fortunately, through proper nutrition and the supplementation of Chinese herbs and acupuncture, these issues associated with the digestive system can be balanced over time.

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