• Atlantic Wholistic Associates provides Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments to Monmouth County.
  • There are well over 400 Acupunture Points, and each one can have a different effect on the body.
  • Women of all ages can benefit from acupuncture care.
  • Our chiropractic care specializes in pain management and sports injuries, whether related to the workplace or physical activity.

Diabetes | Acupuncturist


Diabetes is caused primarily by dysfunction of the pancreas.  Studies and clinical tests within the past 10 years have shown that acupuncture can help diabetes patients in the following ways:

-       lower blood glucose content

-       lower the release of pancreatic glucagons

-       attenuate symptoms of polyphagia (excessive hunger), polydipsia (excessive thirst), and polyuria (excessive urination)

-       prevent slowing of motor nerve conduction

-       improve microcirculation and myocardial contractility

-       enhance blood outflow and regulate vascular peripheral resistance

-       obliterate antheroscelerosis of the legs

-       induce secretion of endogenous beta-endorphin

-       elevate a lowered pain threshold

-       increase cell proliferation (growth and production) and neuropeptide Y levels

(Photo Source: http://www.healthkartrx.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Diabetes-facts-and-myths.jpg)

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Client Tesimonials

We thank and appreciate all our clients.
What a great office.Staff is amazing and the care given by Dr. Mike and Jeremy is wonderful. Thanks for getting me back in alignment with qi flowing through all those meridians!
Mary Jane Kasliner - 31 Jan 2014