Acupuncture for Physical Well Being

Acupuncture for Respiratory: Cold/Flu, Asthma

“The number one thing that has impressed me the most about America is the common belief by the common person that there is no cure for the common cold.”

– People’s Republic of China

Even though the names of devastating flu are often Asian in character, and China has been credited or blamed with the development of some of the most deadly flu epidemics in the world, the Chinese – through effective acupuncture approaches – have had a major impact in altering the extreme symptomatology that accompanies both the flu and the common cold.  There are many key points in acupuncture that eliminate symptoms of the common cold: sore throat, etc; these points boost immune system function.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

No, this is not a quick fix diet plan.  Weight loss through acupuncture is very serious when dealing with patients suffering from diabetes or metabolic diseases. The speed of metabolism has a lot to do with how the body burns fat.  Acupuncture focuses on those points that speed the body’s metabolism, while naturally curbing an individual’s appetite.

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